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The Daily Bee(August 14th, 2019): More notes on Watzke interview

Our leader dishes some knowledge before the season starts.

Annual press conference Borussia Dortmund Photo by Guido Kirchner/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • Watzke interview

Yesterday Watzke did his customary preseason interview recorded by RN. We already touched on his most important revelation about Raphael Guerreiro, but there were other interesting notes in there in well. He discussed Mario Gotze’s current situation with the club and clarified that while Gotze’s contract is also coming up the club won’t put the same pressure that has been on Raph because of Gotze’s recovery from metabolic illness. This seems to be the right move with the club. While Raph would have a better chance leaving the club, Gotze only just hit his stride last year, and teams could be weary of how he will age with a metabolic disorder.

Other then discussing player contracts Watzke seemed rather positive about BVB this year. No handwringing about finances and worries of our situation. He seemed pretty positive on BVB being more successful this season and in the future with the current base the club has built. Watzke has been successful because of how cautious he is in business and with the media, if he is openly optimistic things must be going well.

Daily Buzz: Keeping the Bee short today because we have a ton of team previews coming out.The season begins in two days, how hyped are you?