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Dortmund reveal their 2019-2020 Tournament Kit

A chimera of our home and away kit

BVB have revealed a 3rd kit for the upcoming season just for tournament matches. While some teams just release a third kit for big matches or special occasions, BVB always has their third kit as their tourney only kit. This includes our UEFA Champions League games and DFB Pokal games. Not to jinx us but I’d imagine we’d also wear this in the Europa league should it come to that.

The kit, revealed in a ad for FIFA 20, is actually a impressive departure from the usual BVB flair. I like the black taking up the top third(or maybe fourth) of the shirt. The diamond pattern is super interesting as well. We have the camo like pattern on our away kit this year but haven't had a pattern this solid in a long while. I personally think this kit looks great! We have the tournament style now all we need are some tournament wins.

What do you think of our new kits?