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The Daily Bee(July 26th,2019):Off to Bad Ragaz

You know the season draws near when the team is in Bad Ragaz

Borussia Dortmund v FC Zuerich - Pre-Seaon Friendly Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Sorry for the later then usual Bee today. Work hit me hard today. Onto the news

  • Bad Ragaz time

The team leaves for their Bad Ragaz training camp tomorrow. Their training camps at the Swiss facility always preludes the start of the season. Now the the team has finished their preseason tour its just one last stop before the season begins. In Bad Ragaz, BVB will be doing open training and playing some club friendlies. The teams they play this time will be the Italian side Udinese Calcio and Swiss side FC St Gallen. The Udinese game will be tomorrow and the St Gallen game on the 30th. The camp is only a week long as they come back to Dortmund in 8/2. On 8/3 of course is the Supercup against Bayern Munich.

  • Malcom rumors

I feel bad even addressing rumors this stupid and sourced from such a weak source but Goal reports that BVB are interested in signing Malcom from Barcelona. The reported 42 million euro transfer would be a club record for the 22 year old winger. While buying a under-appreciated young wing would be a BVB move, paying so much for him seems unlikely. BVB are fine with the wings and forwards they already have for the most part. This rumor mostly seems to be smoke as it really just makes no scene. Also none of the German sources are running with it. Silly season is always fun in Dortmund.

Daily Buzz: Its Friday, its summer and it is hot so lets do a fun question. What is your favorite summer drink? Personally I’m a Mai Tai kind of guy through and through.