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The Daily Bee(May 7th 2019): Dortmund kit leaks leave much to be desired

Puma has really been dropping the ball recently on our kits

Frank Mill of Borussia Dortmund
  • BVB kit leaks

We are seeing more leaked photos of our kits for next season as the official announcement of said kits draw near. Yesterday BILD leaked what our champions league kit may look like for next year.

In my opinion this does not look great. As with all kits you need to see them on the players first before you can pass judgment, but I’m not feeling to positive about these. The lines at the top especially are funky. If it was just solid black it may be a little better.

A better look at our away kit for next year also leaked again.

Since we don’t wear away kits that much I’m not all to bothered by this one. At least they tried being experimental. Some out-there experimental kits have looked great in he past at BVB(Header image for example).

  • The Goat is back

After tearing apart Furth yesterday, Cologne has secured promotion into the Bundelsiga for next year. Cologne actually have never been one of those sides that closes down and plays dirty to beat us, so I welcome their return. The second auto promotion spot is up for grabs still. Honestly I hope its Union Berlin that takes the spot since they are a plucky underdog.

Daily Buzz: What do you think of these kits?