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Dortmund Match Report: BVB faceplant back into title race

lol are we good or bad?

Borussia Dortmund v Benfica - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Our last home game of the season has concluded. BVB beat F95 3-2 to take 3 points and keep that sub atomic level of hope alive that Dortmund could win the title. The Dortmund goals came from Pulisic, Delaney and Gotze.

The first half was mostly pretty bad from Dortmund. Now we didn’t give up a goal but we did look helpless on the pitch. The first 30 or so minutes did see some chances on both sides, but BVB did not look the home team. Despite playing very sloppily we did get a goal in the first half. Christian Pulisic put a Delaney pass into the net with a header. The goal was a nice occasion for the young American as the team celebrated him before the game. Puli had some decent chances in that half so its good to see him make good on converting one. Dortmund ended the half on top.

The second half was anything but boring. Oliver Fink scored in the 47th minute after Hitz just let it go right through him. Rough for Hitz but man that goal makes me worried in case we ever lose Burki for a stretch of games. After that goal BVB woke right up. We started to play up to our level for about 20 minutes. Just 6 minutes after the goal Delaney put in a shot after a scramble. Past the 70’ mark BVB started to let F95 back into the game. F95 dug their own graves however when Adam Bodzek made an extremely reckless tackle on Jadon Sancho and got a straight red. You’d think being a man and goal up with 8 minutes to play would make the game over but BVB had to BVB it up. At 90+2’ Gotze scored to make it 3-1. It was another stellar goal from Gotze. Then we let Dawid Kownacki score at 90+5’ to make it 3-2. The ref let a bunch of time go on past the time added and F95 had a corner kick and free kick for the chance to tie it up. However BVB held on this time and won 3-2.

This game was another silly performance from BVB. We really are just limping over the finish line. Despite Bayern mucking it up, we have been so much worse. Pulisic, Gotze and Delaney were our best performers on the day. This was Pulisic’s last ever home game in black and yellow, its nice that he got to score. Everything to play for in the last game if the season. If there is any positives to take away from this, last season we waited until the last day to qualify for UCL and only because Bayer screwed it up. Maybe Bayern will pull a Leverkusen and help us out a bit.