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The Daily Bee (April 5th, 2019): Watzke confirms Sancho will stay and BVB’s injury problems

Do BVB have any healthy players left?

Rudolf Assauer Memorial Ceremony In Gelsenkirchen Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Ahead of Der Klassiker Hans-Joachim Watzke talked about various topics with Spox in a very interesting interview with some good quotes.

On BVB’s desire to win the title:

“If possible, of course. But we have a strong opponent, that’s like Liverpool and Manchester City in England. Of course, if we win on Saturday, it would look good. But only the next, supposedly easy games will be the decisive factor. For the external representation of German football, it is in any case great that there is such a captivating constellation on Matchday 28.”

When exactly BVB will make an 80€ million transfer:

“Then when we have it and it makes sense. At the moment, we do not need to worry about that, because even if we sell someone for 80 million, we have to pay some taxes. I would not rule it out completely, but it will not happen in the near future.”

As always BVB’s players are linked to other clubs, especially shooting star Jadon Sancho has been linked with Manchester United, mostly by the English media, but Watzke once again made it clear that Sancho isn’t for sale:

“I do not care. Everyone knows that Jadon will play with us next year. That’s the way it is, there is no price. And because you know that in Europe, no one has asked us.”

And on Manchester City’s supposed clause for Sancho:

“We never have made public any information about contract content, but City does not have any say in it.”

There were also rumors about Watzke possibly retiring in 2022 when his contract ends but he made it clear that he’s not looking for a successor just yet:

“There are none and I have no one in mind. The topic is obsolete, I am 59 years old and I am not thinking of quitting. Why should I quit at 62? I intend to live until at least 95 like my grandfather. Do you do nothing for 30 years? That’s why I have never said that 2022 is over.”

  • Will Alcacer play?

As always Lucien Favre remained coy on various topics during the pre-game press conference and did not reveal anything. The Swiss coach will have to build a defense without Hakimi but the rest is still unclear, he did not rule out the possibility that Diallo and Piszczek could be ready but it doesn’t look good. Even Akanji had some problems this week but the club did not specify why the centerback did not fully participate in team practices.

Favre also virtually said nothing about Alcacer’s situation. The striker suffered an injury against Wolfsburg and might miss the game against Bayern but Favre only commented “We will have to wait”.

Daily Buzz: How should Dortmund line-up against Bayern and more importantly how should they play? All out offense because at least Sancho, Guerreiro and Reus are healthy or should BVB defend and play for a draw with all the injury-problems they’re having?