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The Daily Bee(March 4th, 2019): Favre Champions League Presser

Our manager and captain give their thoughts before the game against Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images
  • Pre-second leg Presser

Lucien Favre and Marco Reus gave the traditional pre-game press conference ahead of our second leg UCL game against Spurs. BVB don’t have great chances being down 3-0 to a top English side but both manager and captain were optimistic. Marco Reus said that “we are still capable of playing this game, of course its important to find the right balance, and we believe in the team”. It’s good to see Marco feeling good ahead of the game but I doubt even if he wasn’t he would say so. These pressers also usually serve as injury updates, and luckily there was nothing to report. Reus said that he was not fit enough to do 90 minutes against Augsburg but e can do 120 vs Augsburg if needed.

Other notable quotes were scarce. Favre said “everything is possible” when asked if Paco, Reus and Gotze would all start together”. He also said that he was impressed with Sancho. Who isn’t?

  • Tottenham Injury update

With Dortmund being healthy things are looking better then last time against Spurs. Spurs on the other hand also have recovered from much of the Injury woes. Currently only Dele is definitely out while Eric Dier and Harry Winks are both questionable.

Daily Buzz: What are the odds Dortmund come back tomorrow against Spurs?