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Dortmund : Wolfsburg (2:0) - Match Ratings

Paco steals the show from a pitch invading pigeon in stoppage time

Borussia Dortmund v SV Werder Bremen - Bundesliga Photo by Jörg Schüler/Getty Images

Despite the game being very dry over the course of the 90 minutes, allowing for the sensation that was the pigeon, Paco Alcacer did well to steal the match from Wolfsburg in stoppage time, allowing for a sensational finish to the match.

Here are the match ratings for a match that was dubbed the a complete disappointment until the Paco Show:


Favre (6) - Put the only lineup out there that would feasibly work without implementing any new tactical ideas into the side. Considering Reus missed the game to attend the birth of child, replacing Reus with Götze seemed like the only idea that would work. Although the lack of energy and an organized press that impressed during the latter minutes of the Stuttgart game and the first half of the Spurs game really showed over the course of the match. Of course, Reus’s presence would have helped with those problems, but his presence, especially with his injury record, can not be depended on.


Pigeon (10) - Stole the show. Aided Wolf with another (barely legal) presence on the pitch during the first half. Was subbed out after half time, where he proceeded to give Favre tactical ideas from the bench, but was subbed back in and stood in the opposition net during both of Paco Alcacer’s goals.

Fans (9) - They unveiled a massive choreography on the Südtribune that speaks for itself. Considering why Reus was absent against Wolfsburg, it oddly hit the nail on the head about the themes of the parenthood and family.

Starting 11:

Bürki (6) - Made three saves, gave water to the pigeon at the halftime. Uneventful outing for the keeper, bar one spectacular punch in the first half

Wolf (6) - Made some good runs, but showed that his technical ability will continue to hold him back when regarding his future as a starter in this side.

Akanji (6) - Uneventful day, 92% pass percent completion rate. Uneventful match for the center-back.

Zagadou (6) - Somehow managed to miss a clear opportunity from a corner in the first half, as the ball struck his shoulder instead. Slightly more involved than Akanji over the course of the match

Diallo (6) - Came off in the 49th minute for Hakimi. Too defensive for this kind of match, and Favre needs to find some ways to get Diallo free on the diagonal ball from Akanji or Witsel, instead of using him as another center back adjacent to Zagadou and Akanji.

Witsel (7) - Important as always, but unable to create. Finding someone who can bring out the best in Witsel by giving him more space to operate has become more important over the last weeks.

Delaney (6) - Probably would not have played if Reus were fit. While he ultimately did very little in offering creativity going forward, did well to maintain control defensively over the course of the match.

Götze (6) - Did not leave an impression over the course of the match. Is not capable of Reus’s athleticism that brings out the best of that role on the pitch, resulting in a more defensive and controlling side.

Sancho (7) - Had some positive ideas, and was dangerous throughout. Relying on his sole shoulders for creativity in the final third in Reus’s absence continues to be a challenge that his is not capable of overcoming yet.

Guerrero (7) - Did well on the left wing, and did well to adjust to the left back position after Hakimi’s injury.

Alcacer (8) - Stole the show from new BVB mascot Pigeon with two goals in stoppage time, breaking another record (5 goals in stoppage time over the duration of a season).


Hakimi (6) - Played 25 minutes until getting subbed off for injury. Provided more positivity going forward

Bruun Larsen (7) - Played on the wing, came on for Hakimi. Came on instead of Schmelzer, who was on the bench, which is noteworthy. Made a very mature decision on letting the ball keep going to Paco for his second goal, potentially moving keeper out of position for the pending finish.

Dahoud (n/a) - Came on for Götze. Had some nice ideas, and playing him further up the pitch prevents him from making risky passes that could be capitalized on by the opponent.

Point is - the game was (mostly) uneventful, and all I have to say is: Zorc, sign the pigeon asap.

What are your thoughts on the Wolfsburg match? Should the pigeon start against Bayern?