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Dortmund Match Report: BVB show moxie a they come back twice to beat Hertha 3-2.

That was fun!

Borussia Dortmund v Tottenham Hotspur - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Dortmund won 3-2 away to Hertha this weekend in a thrilling game. With the title race all tied up Dortmund needed to take all the points they can. Despite begin down 2-1 at the half, Dortmund managed to win, in exciting second half. The Dortmund goals were from Thomas Delaney, Dan-Axel Zagadou and Marco Reus. Both Hertha goals were from Salomon Kalou.

The first half was poor from Dortmund. They looked as they have most of 2019, letting the other team dictate the pace of play. Kalou scored 4 minutes into the match when Burki deflected a shot the wrong way leading to an easy tap in. After the goal BVB did not seem to wake u at all, still letting Hertha control the game. The only reason we got back into it was a similarly dumb error from Hertha, letting a deflection in that has been credited to Thomas Delaney. The game looked slightly more even after going 1-1 but Dortmund again made a stupid mistake at the 34th min. Julian Weigl knocked the ball out of the way of hitting his face while in the box, giving a pen to Hertha. Kalou converted and the score stayed until the half 2-1.

I have no clue what Favre said to the team in the locker room but it must have been convincing. BVB came out of the gates red hot. A Sancho corner at the 47th minute led to Zagadou getting a header in on goal. Once we went 2-2 both teams had their chances the rest of the half but Dortmund definitely looked the better side. A second yellow red card in the 85th minute from Jordan Torunarigha let Dortmund control the final minutes of the game. While Dortmund did flub some chances, Sancho and Reus became the days heroes as they combined for a 90+2’ winner.

After the goal Hertha had no way back into the game thanks to some absolute shithousery from Ibsevic, who got him self a straight red to just about end the game.

Overall it was a tale of two halfs from BVB. First half BVB looked like they have for the past 50 days or so, second half BVB looked like Hinrunde BVB. Sancho was excellent today, creating chances and getting in a few shots for himself. Zagadou also was stellar, not just on the goal but his defense was stellar today. Dortmund were missing one of their most crucial players this year, Axel Witsel, and managed to fight back and get a result. All around great result. Delaney looked very good out there, this being his first time starting for BVB without Witsel at his side.

What did you think of today's game?