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The Daily Bee(February 8th, 2019): Zorc on English youth talent

Zorc thinks Germany is falling behind

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AFC Sunderland v Borussia Dortmund - Friendly Match Photo by Deniz Calagan/Getty Images
  • Zorc thinks English youth development as outpaced Gemrna youth

Big comments from Zorc recently have been making the rounds in English media. Zorc believes that English youth football development has “overtaken” German development based off performances of the recent u-17 WC and u-19 Euros.

Dortmund has been one of the centers of the German youth movement that started in the early aughts and helped propel Germany to a 2014 World Cup Victory. The German national team has sputtered at every level since and many clubs have moved away from being reliant on their academy. Of course these comments also come with praise for Jadon Sancho, a Manchester City product that Dortmund picked up and has improved drastically since. Zorc is a genius at identifying where to get talent, and if he believes England is the place to look for young talent, I think we’’ll be seeing more young English players abroad as other teams follow suit.

  • Flu spreads

BVB have had bad luck with the flu this week. After Burki and Hitz coming down with it earlier this week, it seems more players may be infected. Today's pre-game presser was postponed, then it was announced only Zorc would be taking part. I hope this doesn’t mean we will be without Favre or a team leader like Reus or Piszczek due to the bug going around. in better news. RN does think that the flu epidemic’s peak is over. Hopefully we will know when the presser does get underway!