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Dortmund Match Recap: BVB dismantle Dusseldorf 5-0

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Borussia Dortmund - Fortuna Düsseldorf Photo by David Inderlied/picture alliance via Getty Images

Dortmund won 5-0 today at home against Fortuna Dusseldorf. We now have 26 points, 5 behind table leaders Borussia Monchengladbach. If Schalke lose or tie we would be third on the table at the end of the day. The BVB goals were from Reus(2), Sancho(2) and Hazard.

The first half saw a BVB side that looked as it should against a smaller team like Dusseldorf. We dominated possession and only allowed one shot on target the whole half. The 3-4-3 that Favre employed was perfect for the squad. Brandt especially shined in the midfield. With a Brandt-Witsel midfield this team could hit some pretty incredible heights if they keep playing that way. The first goal came from Reus getting fed perfectly right through the middle of the field. The half would end 1-0 with Dortmund looking more confident then they have in sometime.

The way this season has been going I expected the second half to be a much cooler from BVB. Boy I am happy I was wrong. We scored 4 goals in the second half. It was a dominant performance from every player on the field. Brandt and Sancho shined this half with plenty of chances created between the two. Sancho scored two of the four goals in the second half. He also helped create Hazards goal in the midfield. Hazards lone goal was very nice as he shot past the keeper on a break but if he missed he would have gotten a talking to from the captain who was wide open for the empty net shot.

Witsel completed 100% of his 92 passes, totally dominating Dusseldorf and allowing them no chances. Akanji Zags and Raph all played well from the back, locking down the the 3 or 4 breaks Dusseldorf got that game. Zagadou proved that he definitely deserves more game time. We even got to see Leo Balerdi play for a few mins after he was subbed for Piz. This team played confidently the entire game, we were a far cry from the sad sacks who tied Paderborn 3-3. Not sure if this is a one game outlier or if its the beginning of something special, on to Prague to find out!

What did you think of todays game?