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The Daily Bee (December 31st, 2019): Julian Weigl on his way to Benfica

The last one of the decade!

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TSG 1899 Hoffenheim v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Both A Bola and Funke Mediengruppe claim Julian Weigl is close to joining Portuguese side Benfica Lisbon. There have been talks between both clubs and a transfer in January seems likely to happen. Borussia Dortmund could receive up to 20€ million for Weigl.

The central midfielder did play in 20 games for BVB this season across all competitions but most of them were as a plug-in player when others weren’t available. The move might come as a surprise to some people but in reality Weigl is not considered a starter in this squad, Axel Witsel will start in defensive midfield if healthy and it looks like the Weigl-at-centerback experiment is finally - and thankfully - over.

Losing Weigl does not necessarily mean BVB will make another move for a midfielder, although it is possible. However, the back and yellows still have Witsel, Brandt, Delaney and youngster Raschl who might get a chance with the first team now,

After Erling Haaland’s decision to reject Manchester United and join Borussia Dortmund the British press immediately went into a frenzy to find explanations for the ManU-snub. Reports of a release-clause - that are likely made up - made the rounds, in addition to rumors of a fall-out between Raiola and United. However, Raiola has talked to The Telegraph and explained Haaland’s decision:

“I do not know if Manchester United are briefing this but if they are then they are covering their own loss and that I find strange and disappointing.”

“They (ManU) spoke to him the most. Everybody had the chance to talk to him in person. We let that happen especially when he knows Ole. Clearly he felt that at this moment it was not the right step in his career. There is nothing against Manchester United or Ole. He chose Borussia Dortmund ahead of them and other clubs and I’m very happy because he is going to the club he wanted to go to and that is best for him right now.”

Raiola the doubled-down on the fact that Haaland made his own decision and it was not driven by finances but rather the strikers decision to go to the black and yellows:

“If he wanted to go to Manchester United I would have been obliged to take him to Manchester United but he did not. The offer from Manchester United was good. It was not about the economics. It is just the player chose Borussia Dortmund at this stage of his career.”

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