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Dortmund Match Recap: BVB lose in embarrassing fashion 2-1 to end awful Ruckrunde

Favre deserves coal in his sticking for how this year went

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Dormtund lost 2-1 to Hoffenheim today in the last game of the Hinrunde. A all around embarrassing end to a half season by BVB. Dortmund now sit at 4th on the table with a chance to go lower over the weekend. The lone BVB goal was from Mario Gotze.

The first half was dominate from BVB. The first goal was from Mario Gotze who received a pass Hakimi and put it right past. While it may be a own goal I think that the credit belongs to Mario. Hazard and Hakimi did a great job getting the ball to Mario as well. The rest of the half was quite uneventful. Hazard took a great shot from out long but it was saved. Hummels hurt his finger, a injury that would have him subbed off for the second half.

The second half began with another spell of BVB dominance. In addition to Hummles being subbed at the half, Hazard had to come off as well due to knee issues. Sancho was taken down in the box in the 60th minute but neither the ref nor VAR thought it enough for a pen. Hoffenheim then started to take advantage of a very tired BVB fan but struggled to make much of it. You could tell BVB were playing tired as they placed inaccurate passes and had trouble stopping their man on breaks. The TSG goal was embarrassing from BVB. Our defense refused to go close to the ball and Burki just could not scoop it. A little league performance from BVB in that play. The awfulness continued as we let TSG bag a winner in the 87th minute another embarrassing play. We left Kramaric totally open on a cross that he scored with ease. Zagadou was especially to bad there. The half ended with a whimper as BVB failed to make much of TSG sitting back.

Overall a poor game from Dortmund. While the team was clearly tired and we were hurt by making two halftime subs, we still shouldn't be dominated by TSG the whole end of the game. We flubbed some decent chances that would have gotten us the win, but either because we made poor passes or poor runs we could not put it away. Sancho was quite poor this game. A last shocker of the year as we close things off awfully.

Apparently Hummels had to go to the hospital after the game. Hopefully is he fit for the Ruckrunde. Dortmund no do not have a game for a month.. The players will take their winter break then start winter training camp. Winter training camp is always a great time to be a Dortmund fan because it always seems someone really shines there and gets good minutes after. Hopefully this year that person is Balerdi or Gio Reyna. Have a nice holiday season everyone!