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Dortmund Match Recap: BVB dominate Mainz 05

Mainz are lucky we didn’t put 10 up on them.

1. FSV Mainz 05 v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

*John Wick Voice*

“Yeah I think we’re back”

Dortmund won 4-0 today against Mainz 05 in a totally dominate performance from the black and yellows. While this season has had its up and downs the past few games have been incredible from BVB. The Black and Yellow goals were from Marco Reus, Thorgan Hazard, Nico Schulz and Jadon Sancho.

The first half was actually frustrating for BVB. While we did dominate Maiz 05 we had three credible calls for pens in the half, all three of which VAR found unconvincing. For that to happen three times in a half is quite unlucky but its a testament to this squad they didn’t let it get in their heads. Earlier in the season that much frustration would've derailed this squad. The goal in the fist half was from Marco Reus who put a rocket of a shot past Zentner.

The second half was far more fun for BVB. After a calm first 15 minutes BVB started to light Mainz up. First Zagadou broke up Mainz possession and made a break on his own across the whole field, passing to Sancho in the box for the easy goal. This was a fun moment as the rest of BVB were clearly trotting to stay level with Zags. Regardless Zags had a amazing game today and this past week has proved that he deserves much more mins on the pitch. The third goal came from Hazard who easily put a shot in. After that is was all momentum for BVB. The last goal was a silly shot from Nico after he was fed by Sancho. Despite a few more close chances the game ended 3-0.

Great showing from BVB today, Akanji and Weigl looked their old-selves, a trend that hopefully continues into the new year. Marco Reus is no longer invisible in the 3-4-3, something that I’m sure has the rest of the Bundeliga paralyzed with fear. WHile our last three games have been against weaker competition this BVB squad looks rejuvenated enough to take on their top opponents and come away victorious.

How do y’all feel about todays game?