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The Daily Bee(December 13th 2019): Europa League Roundup

It feels nice rounding up the Europa league when there’s no chance we will be in it

Borussia Dortmund v Slavia Praha: Group F - UEFA Champions League Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images
  • Europa League

The Euopra League group stage has wrapped up and there are quite a few surprises. most relevant o the Bundesliga is that current league leaders BMG are out of the Europa league after finishing third in their group. While this is certainly a upset for them, it probably works out to their favor as they can now focus on the league week to week instead of international comp. In the rest of the league, Frankfurt did advance so they will be in the knockouts. Bayer Leverkusen fell out of the Champions league and now also will be competing in the Europa League.

  • Short Haaland Update

Haaland is obviously the big news for BVB this week as he was spoted in BVB presumably to negotiate his transfer from Salzburg to Dortmund this Jan. Bild are reporting that BVB have preferred him a 8 million euro a year salary, much higher then his 5 million salary currently. If true its good to see our FO pulling out all the stops for a talent like Haaland.

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