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The Daily Bee (November 28th, 2019): Why prolong the inevitable?

Favre will remain in charge but why?

FC Barcelona v Borussia Dortmund: Group F - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pablo Morano/MB Media/Getty Images

There was a time where Borussia Dortmund could play in any stadium in the world against any opponent and still have the belief that anything was possible. It feels like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it?

I’m gonna be honest I’m usually nervous for every single BVB game, I can’t say I felt the same way yesterday. I expected this loss and considering the comments after the game it seems that Favre and the team did too, an unacceptable mindset.

Comments like this from Hummels - “We did not play a bad game today, but we did not play well either.” after a game where BVB never really had a realistic chance to win are worrying to say the least.

Lucien Favre’s comments and analysis after the game should also be a warning sign for BVB fans.

“It was too open. If you give Barcelona this much space to play, then it is difficult. We tried to play aggressively. Barcelona did very well. We still had two very good chances in the first half, where we can lead 1-0. After that we made some mistakes and it was too easy for Barcelona. The last 20 minutes were very good of us. We scored the 1:3 and could have scored the 2:3. Barcelona countered and was still dangerous. We were in a lot of 1:1 situations, that was a lot of risk, of course.”

This team needs a coaching change and there’s no reason to prolong the inevitable, even though Dortmund don’t have a perfect replacement at hand.

  • Champions League

Borussia Dortmund had another unacceptable performance and are on the brink of getting relegated to the Europa League. The 1:3 loss to Barcelona coupled with Inter’s 3:1 win against Sparta means Dortmund need to win the last match at home against Sparta and hope that Barcelona take a meaningless game for them seriously enough to get a result in Italy.

RB Leipzig secured their spot in the next round thanks to a late brace from Emil Forsberg in the 90th and 96th (!) minutes.

  • How to lose the locker room 101

Jadon Sancho was BVB’s best player yesterday and yet he did not make the starting eleven. In an interview with Sky, Favre was asked about Sancho before the game and had this to say:

“We need players on the pitch who are focused and ready.“

Harsh words for the youngster but they were somewhat justified because Jadon Sancho reportedly was late for the final team meeting before the match (Bild). This is yet another disciplinary misstep by the 19-year-old and a bad sign. In addition, it is a bad sign for Lucien Favre who technically made the right choice to bench him but