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The Daily Bee(November 25th, 2019):BVB General Meeting Notes

Watzke had a lot to say during BVB’s general meetings

Borussia Dortmund Shareholders’ Meeting Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images
  • General meeting

Lots of BVB news to cover as Dortmunds members meeting was yesterday and today was our general meeting. Yesterdays meeting was for members of the club and today's was for shareholders. At both CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke discussed the future of the team. There is a lot of news to parse through here. First, Reinhardt Rauball has been elected as president of the club for the 8th time. Great and expected as he has lead BVB through some good times.

At the Sunday meeting Watzke put Favre on notice for our recent string of results. More specifically he asked that our team needs to start playing well again over the next two games. While he didn’t specifically say that this was Favre’s last chance, it really does sound like it may be, and rightfully so. It seems the management that BVB is just as fed up with the fan base.

Watzke also conceded that their summer business could have gone better. He admitted that BVB should have went out and signed another striker. A admission like this from the boss is rare so maybe this means he will move to rectify it in January.

A last note from yesterdays meeting, BVB made a profit of 17 million Euros in the year with no debt being accumulated. Good times for BVB, now lets invest some of that!

In today meeting we got less news but still some highlights regardless. After a member asked if there would be a women's squad, BVB managing directer Carsten Cramer said that the team was working on it and we should see a plan for it at next years general meeting. This is great news as BVB has been behind their rivals in Germany in making a women's squad. Also Cramer confirmed that BVB would make their squad from the ground up and not buy another already active women's team. We’ll need to work our way from the bottom league but that’s the BVB way.

Other then the women's team announcement, Watzke talked about making some new developments around the stadium and talked about the disappointment of the 3-3 tie with Paderborn over the weekend.

The other noteworthy thing to discuss form the past two days is fans booing the players and management. Both days there were incidences of booing from fans during the meeting. While its understandable to be upset the general meeting was definitely not the place to let their feelings known. The booing was discussed at Sundays meeting and when it was criticized the audience cheered at the sentiment that we must be unified in our support for the club.

Daily Buzz: What are our feeling on how the general meetings went and your takeaways from the news?