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BVB match Recap: Dortmund tie Freiburg away 2-2

International break now begins and Watzke has a big choice to make.

Sport-Club Freiburg v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

Dortmund tied Freiburg 2-2 away today in another disappointing showing. We now sit 7th on the table when we could have capitalized on most of our rivals having rough days. The BVB goal scorers were Axel Witsel and Achraf Hakimi.

The first half was another rough one from BVB. While we did score early on a amazing Witsel volley most of the half we looked uninterested. The Witsel goal was very good. Hazard took a corner that Witslel scored in tremendous fashion. After the goal it was the same old story. We took our foot off the gas and let Freiburg get some really good chances. Nothing would come of them and the half ended 1-0.

The second half was far more frustrating and exciting. Waldshmidt had some really good chances in the first half and BVB should have been marking him right out of the gates fr the second half. Instead he scored at the 55’ mark. After the goal the momentum was in Freiburgs favor. The Freburg crowd was super impressive this outing and they clearly had BVB rattled. BVB wouldn't stay down for long as Achraf Hakimi played the hero and scored at 67’. Hakimi had the ball at the end of the box and instead of crossing cut back and took a wonderful shot. With how many BVB guys we had in the box we would probably be condemning him in this recap if he didn’t manage to pull that off. However we were lucky and took the lead. For about 5 minutes after we scored we looked much better, but then again took our foot off the gas. Then we gave up again. While it looked like we would hold on to a victory Akanji scored an own goal at the end of the game to make the final score 2-2

Overall this was another disappointing showing from BVB. Both of our goals were super high quality shots that aren’t always going to go in. Freiburg on the other hand earned their tie with many good qaulity shots. Brandt was subbed on in the first half when Piz was hurt and was so atrocious that he had to be subbed off before the game was over. Overall everyone on the pitch today save Witsel and Gotze looked poor. It really feels like this team has quit on their manager. It’s probably time for the team to move on from Favre. His replacement? I have no idea.