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The Daily Bee (October 24th, 2019): Something needs to change

Has someone called José yet?

Inter v Borussia Dortmund: Group F - UEFA Champions League Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images
  • Champions League

Borussia Dortmund lost 0:2 to Inter Milan and are now under pressure for the remaining games. Barcelona won 2:1 against Slavia Prague and are still the favorites to top the group. BVB will now definitely need to win their two remaining home games.

RB Leipzig were down early to Zenit but were able to turn it around and won 2:1. They are now level on points with Benfica and are in a good position to advance from their group.

The reactions to the loss against Inter might be even worse than the performance itself which is not easy.

Sebastian Kehl probably saw a different match:

“Some things were missing today. In the first half the control over the penalty area, in the second half we have allowed too many chances. Still, it was not like we deservedly lost 2-0 here today. We had possession phases, but were not dangerous enough at the end. In the end we made it a bit easy for Inter; the 0:2 was unnecessary. The coach had thought a lot about the lineup, just to create a different situation. I think it actually went well, we did not allow much. We made a mistake before the first goal, but again: We were not two goals worse today.”

Lucien Favre’s comments are even worse:

“I think we played okay. In the first half we were very stable. Too bad that we get the 0:1. We did not have many chances to score, but had patience, we have to convert our chances. It was planned to play very compact, with the pressing at the right moment. We did that well, but it was very difficult against Inter. It is a very difficult constellation in the group, but everything is still possible.”

Calling yesterday’s performance “okay” is nothing short of delusional. Dortmund were lackluster throughout the entire game, having possession but creating barely any chances and making the usual individual mistakes on defense. You just cannot win games like this and it’s not a recent problem either.

The team has been playing like this since January and there is no relief in sight. At this point a coaching change needs to be considered but Kehl’s comments indicate that the club does not see it the same way. We will likely have to witness a few more games like these before the club even considers a change.

  • BVB U-19 lose as well

Borussia Dortmund’s U19 team lost 1:4 to Inter Milan in the UEFA Youth League. This is the second loss for BVB’s U19 who are disappointing just as much as the senior team. However, Youssoufa Moukoko still made headlines with his first goal in the competition and becoming the youngest ever player at 14 to score in the competition.