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The Daily Bee (September 5th, 2018): Bundesliga won’t play games abroad

DFL New Year Reception Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images For DFL

Borussia Dortmund have designated their 23 players for the Champions League group stage. There were no major surprises except maybe Sergio Gomez making it into the squad over Sebastian Rode but even that is not exactly shocking which tells us a lot about Rode’s current situation. In addition to Rode both Alexander Isak and Dzenis Burnic have missed out although Burnic can be nominated through the “B-List” because he’s born before January 1st 1997 and has played more than 2 seasons for BVB’s youth teams.

If you have been following BVB’s youth teams in recent years the name Patrick Fritsch might ring a bell. Once considered one of Dortmund’s most promising young talents he now had to end his career for good at only 19.

Back in 2015 he made it into BVB’s Europa League squad at 16 and was primed for a permanent spot on Dortmund’s main roster but it never happened. Fritsch ruptured his cruciate ligament in his left knee and missed an entire season. He fought back, came back during the pre-season a year later and wanted to finally get his career back on track but in a Youth League game against Real Madrid he ruptured the cruciate ligament in his right knee. Fritsch wanted to fight back once again but after several surgeries there were complications during the rehab and could never run again without massive pain in both knees. The young centerback had to end his career.

sadly one of the best young CBs in Germany had to end his career but BVB hasn’t stopped supporting him. Currently Fritsch is working in Dortmund’s international marketing department so at least there is somewhat of a happy end.

La Liga’s decision to play games in the United States has kicked off a discussion for other leagues as well but it seems like the Bundesliga will not follow suit. DFL chief Christian Seifert has declared during an interview “We will never play a competitive game outside Germany”.

He continued, “Playing an official, competitive match abroad, where points are at stake and where participation in international competition or relegation or promotion could be decided, would be a huge show of disrespect towards fans and players,” said Seifert. “I don’t think anything of the idea.”

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