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The Daily Bee(September 25th 2018): Großkreutz kicks up Gotze transfer rumor talk

SSC Napoli v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images
  • Oh Kevin

Dortmund players will always be connected to the major teams in Europe. We all know this already. But since Klopp took over at Liverpool it seems the “[Insert Dortmund star here] to rejoin Klopp” articles have been a mainstay on the rumor mill. Dortmund legend Kevin Großkreutz has kicked up this process yet again in some comments he made to Sky Deutschland.

His quote translated reads “Maybe it’ll do him a world of good to leave Bundesliga in the winter, move abroad where it’s all a bit quieter and where he knock his career into shape again. Jürgen Klopp knows him well. He’d be a good fit at Liverpool.” Now this literally means or confirms nothing other then the concern of a friend, yet the usual transfer hubs have begun to report it as “Gotze connected to Liverpool”. Even the Guardian, who are more careful then some English papers, reported it in the title of their rumor mill wrap up.

The transfer stupidity never ends.

  • Nobby Interview time

Nobby’s interviews with players are always a joy to watch. Hear him talk to viking king Jacob Brunn Larsen below.

Also Nobby’s sneaker game is wayyyyy to good.

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