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The Daily Bee (September 19th, 2018): Favre, Reus, Zorc and Götze comment on first CL win

Club Brugge v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Group A Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
  • Champions League results

Borussia Dortmund started their Champions League campaign of with a win and you can read all about the very lucky win in our recap. In BVB’s group Atletico won 2:1 in Monaco and are now top of the group. Dortmund will play their next game at home against Monaco and will need three points if they want to advance to the knockout stages.

Other notable results are Liverpool’s 3:2 win over Thomas Tuchel’s PSG and Inter’s dramatic 2:1 over Tottenham. Klopp and Liverpool dominated the entire game against PSG but still needed a goal in the 91st minute from Firmino to keep the three points at Anfield Road. Inter vs Tottenham was a bit of a lackluster match, the Spurs still got the lead but Inter turned it around late in the game. The Spurs are now in a tough spot being in the same group as Barcelona who dominated PSV Eindhoven in their 4:0 victory.

Meanwhile Gelsenkirchen got a bit unlucky in their CL-opener, conceding the equalizer after a questionable penalty.

Today the two remaining German teams will start their campaign, Hoffenheim have travelled to Donetsk to take on Shaktar and Bayern start against Benfica. Other notable match-ups are reigning champs Real Madrid against AS Roma and Valencia vs Juventus.

BVB didn’t play well but still got the win against Brugge, several players, Favre and Zorc commented on the game:

Lucien Favre: ’’It’s really good that we won. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have a lot of young players and a lot of new players in midfield. It takes time to find the right system.’’

Michael Zorc: ’’That was a lucky win, an ugly win, but it still feels good to win the first game in the Champions League. We didn’t play with much inspiration or pace going forwards and didn’t create many chances. We controlled the match, but failed to force our way into the opposition area. Things started to improve towards the end.’’

Marco Reus: ’’We played badly going forwards, and had little to no chances. We didn’t do enough to get ourselves into dangerous areas. We still have a lot of work to do. I’ll take the ugly win this time around because it’s important to finish the first match with a good result.’’

Mario Götze was also for the first time in the starting line-up but didn’t really put up a great performance yesterday. To be fair nobody did expect maybe Bürki and the centerbacks. Götze still commented on his first game back in the starting eleven (Ruhr Nachrichten):

“Of course I didn’t play my best game, but that can be said for all of us. We got lucky to have made the 1:0.” He continued (about his match fitness) “ comes with rhythm. I need to play, that’s important for everyone. There is no player who can just play 10 minutes and score every game.”

“My desire is always to play and I would’ve liked to play 90 minutes today.”

Daily Buzz: Thoughts about the other results from yesterday, which team has been the most impressive so far?