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The Daily Bee (September 14th, 2018): Matchday!

Borussia Dortmund v Tottenham Hotspur - UEFA Champions League Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
  • Matchday!

Today the third matchday kicks of with BVB hosting Eintracht Frankfurt. Dortmund will look to get the second win at home this season but they will have to do it without Christian Pulisic. It remains to be seen if Wolf, Sancho, Philipp or Bruun Larsen will replace him in the starting line-up. It could also be the Bundesliga debut for Dortmund’s new striker Paco Alcacer.

There could also be some changes in midfield after the lackluster performance in Hannover. Witsel will probably start but it’s possible either (or both) Delaney or Dahoud could get replaced by Weigl, Kagawa or Götze.

  • BVB take a stand against racism

Borussia Dortmund will make a statement against racism today, instead of the usual “Evonik” slogan on their jersey there will be a anti-racism message: “Borussia verbindet - gemeinsam gegen Rassismus” (Borussia connects - together against racism). A strong message from BVB and Evonik, especially after the recent turmoil in Germany.

Daily Buzz: What line-up do you want to see and what is your prediction for the game?