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The Daily Bee(September 12th, 2018): Farve Pre-game Press Conference Notes

Scotland v Belgium - International Friendly Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images
  • Farve Pre-game presser

Ahead of our game vs Frankfurt, Farve gave his pregame presser today. Of note he said that Raphael Gurerriro and Omer Toprak are confirmed out. Toprak was hurt before the break and we all know that Raph was again injured in the care of the inept Portuguese national squad. Also Pulisic is a maybe for the squad on Friday as he still recovers from injury.

Farve also said that he is happy Brunn Larsen is healthy again and that we’d see if he plays. With his stellar performance in his friendly last week and Pulisic being hurt, he should at least be the back up behind Sancho. As for our new signing Paco Alacer, Farve said he wants to introduce him to the squad slowly. Hopefully Paco gets his shot on Friday, as a sub if not a starter.

  • International break over

The first international break of the year is always the worst. To give us just a little bit of club soccer then to take it away from us again. Tuesday was the last day thankfully.

There were some games of note on Tuesday. Axel Witsel played in Belgium’s 3-0 win over Iceland. He played the full 90 in both games for Belgium so I wouldn't expect him to play this Fridays match. Spain beat world cup finalists Croatia 6-0 in what some are calling a statement game from the struggling Spain squad. Also the US beat rival Mexico 1-0. The only real note from that game was Chelsea terminal loanee mocking Diego Lainez’s height in one of the more brutal non violent player confrontations I’ve seen.