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Dortmund bid on Atletico Madrid Striker Kevin Gameiro

The 31 year old is planning on a move to Valencia and has not shown interest in Dortmund

Club Atletico de Madrid Training Session - UEFA Europa League Final Previews Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

According to Mundo Deportivo, Dortmund have put in a bid of 23 million euros for Atletico Madrid’s Kevin Gameiro. Gameiro is far down on the depth chart in Madrid and is almost guaranteed to leave in the coming weeks with Valencia being the assumed destination up until this news.

Valencia made a bid of 14 million for Gameiro and he is reportedly set on making the move within La Liga over heading to Germany, but Atletico Madrid will obviously be hoping for a larger bid now that Dortmund have had their say.

This report is disappointing to hear as Dortmund continue to show a lack of commitment to address a weakness when they have the money to do so. They seem to be approaching the striker situation half-heartedly.

Philipp is currently the only reliable option, if he can even be called that with his injuries and lack of experience at the position, yet Dortmund seems fine treading water at the moment and strengthening the spot behind Philipp when they should ideally be strengthening the spot ahead.

To put this news in perspective, BVB are currently trying to outbid the fourth best team in Spain for the chance to sign a 31 year old third-string player from a team in Atletico Madrid that Dortmund should consider themselves equal to or better than. That does not look good from a fan perspective.

The striker situation has been talked about extensively this summer and this is not a move that would end the discussion. Watzke and Zorc have been hesitant to spend big money to fill the position, yet they are now showing they are willing to spend a significant amount on a rotation player that certainly won’t be increasing in value.

Perhaps this is too harsh of an analysis, and perhaps the report is inaccurate, the move just does not seem like one that would solve any problems.