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The Daily Bee (August 27,2018): Dortmund waiting on decision from Alcacer

Villarreal v Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images
  • Alcacer move up to him

Reports out of Spain say that Dortmund and Barcalona have reached an agreement for the season long loan for Paco Alcacer. However today's report also says that Dortmund have given Alcacer 48 hours to chose whether he wants the loan. Why Alcacer would reject the loan is the real question. He is not going to get much playing time for Barcelona this season and Dortmund seem to be his best suitor talent wise. At Dortmund he has a strikers dream when it comes to how many talented players would be behind him on the pitch. Hopefully Alcacer makes his choice so he can join up and Dortmund can get things going for the season.

  • Players post game comments

Most players were positive after the game, aside form the start, but Thomas Delaney had some specifically interesting stuff to say. “We need to find the balance between tiki-taka and playing risky” Delaney said after the 4-1 victory against RBL. Watching yesterdays game its clear that Dortmund need to do more with their possession hence “play risky”. It’s good to see players quickly understanding their problems, a sign of good coaching. I highly recommend you read the rest of his statements, as well as Farves presser from after the game. This team knows exactly what the plan is. A big change form last year.

  • Union Berlin

For some reason the DFB thought it would be a stellar idea to hold the drawing for the second round of the Pokal the same time matches were ongoing. Nevertheless, we have our opponent for the 2nd round, Union Berlin. A 2.Bundsliga club Union are the second biggest team in Berlin and are known for their hyper dedicated fan base. The last time BVB played them was actually a friendly to celebrate Union Berlins 50th birthday a few years ago. The match should be a good one!

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