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The Daily Bee (August 14th, 2018): Scuderi back from devastating injury

Italy U19 v Turkey U19 - International Friendly Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Two years ago in an UEFA Youth League game Dario Scuderi suffered one of the worst injuries in recent memory. The BVB youth player destroyed his knee, every single tendon, ligament and muscle in his knee was torn, in addition an infection threatened to force an amputation of the entire leg. Now two year later Scuderi gave his comeback in a friendly for BVBII against Lüner SV, an incredible accomplishment.

Doctors gave him no chance of ever playing football again but Scuderi proved everybody wrong. After the game the 20-year-old posted a picture of himself in his first game back with the caption: “Comeback. After a very long and tough time. The doctors had already written me off. Thank you to my family, my friends and BVB, without you I wouldn’t be back”.

“FIFA has officially eradicated corruption. All it took was pressing the delete key.”

This is the first sentence of this interesting article about FIFA’s new ethics code and it hits the nail on the head. If you thought football’s governing body couldn’t get worse and less transparent, well they just found a way. The article details how FIFA could exercise more control over its members with the new “defamation” clause and how they put a time limitation on “bribery and corruption” charges.

Daily Buzz: The transfer window is still open until August 31st but so far which transfer in the entire Bundesliga has been the best so far? Witsel to BVB, Goretzka to Bayern, Paulinho or Weiser to Leverkusen or maybe a different transfer?