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The Daily Bee (August 1st,2018): Off to Switzerland

Borussia Dortmund v Benfica - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images
  • Bad Ragaz Training

The team has arrived in Switzerland for their summer training camp in Bad Ragaz

During this stay, the team will be doing their official training for the new season, as well as play friendlies against other European sides, notably Napoli.

So far it seems the team loves training under Farve with Reus even saying Farve has been the best manager he has ever had.

It seems things are a lot different then Bosz’s light training plans.

Hopefully the cheery moods of the players entering the season gives us the start we need to get things going.

  • BVB 2 start their season Saturday

Our second team is starting their season this week! BVB 2 has been a great assets for Dortmund in terms of giving injured players time to come back, as well as acting as a part of our academy/farm system. In past years the team has only done alright, but with a squad that seems to get more stacked every season, they will be fun to follow this year.

Daily Buzz: What do you guys think about Reus’s comments that Farve is the best manager he’s ever had?