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Premier League clubs put on transfer alert as Christian Pulisic rejects Dortmund deal

This is not a good sign for Pulisic’s future in Germany.

Christian Pulisic’s future at Borussia Dortmund is quite unclear. Just a couple days ago the report was that he wouldn’t be leaving the club this summer, as BVB wanted €70 million for him.

The latest news is a bit worse than that. According to Sky Germany, contract talks between Pulisic and Dortmund have broken down, which could lead to a transfer abroad.

Sky Germany are quoted in that tweet, but apparently this report originated from BILD. There is really no reason to doubt its veracity.

It has long been known that Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool have interest in Pulisic. Chelsea are the new link here, but it’s likely that there is plenty of interest in the 19-year-old’s services. Enthusiasm is especially high in the Premier League, where, as an American, his marketing capability is through the roof. Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have also been mentioned as possible destinations.

A fee for Pulisic would be around €70 million, but at this point in the transfer window it would really hurt to lose him. Dortmund are deep on the wings for the moment, but if Pulisic left they would have to scramble to find someone to replace him before the window closes. There are only 29 days until BVB open their Bundesliga season against Red Bull Leipzig.

It’s up in the air whether now would be the right time for the young American to change clubs. BVB has been a great place for him to get playing time and grow as a player, but it’s true that he didn’t have the best season last year. And Pulisic is still undersized. That could be an issue if he moves to the Premier League, which is one of the most physical competitions in Europe.

No one expects Pulisic to stay at Dortmund forever, but a departure now would be a bit sour. Hopefully the Hershey, PA native and the club can get back to discussions on a new contract sometime soon.