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The Daily Bee (July 24th, 2018): Diallo’s first impressions as a BVB player

AS Monaco FC Training and Press Conference Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

New BVB defender Abdou Diallo has talked to the press during the US-tour and he had a few interesting things to say.

About his first impressions of BVB: “We have a young team with a lot of very good players and a top-coach who speaks French which makes it easier for me.”

Why he chose BVB and the differences between now and Mainz: “I had other options but Bortmund was the best option for me. BVB is a big clubs with ambitions. I have those too.” He added “Mainz was really good but I want to get better. Therefore I need a bigger club. When BVB came for me it was impossible to say no.”

And his goals with BVB this season: “I want to work hard and make progress. Why shouldn't we play for 1st place”.

He also spoke about Lucien Favre: “He pays very close attention to details. That helps me as a defender: If I make a mistake we concede a goal. Favre talks to me about positioning, where I should run, how I use my right foot, how I use my left foot - for him everything is important”

  • Silly season

Several rumors have surfaced that don’t seem very credible but let’s take a look:

The Daily Mail starts of linking Christian Pulisic to Real Madrid in addition to Chelsea and Bayern. This is not very surprising considering Pulisic’s recent form but a move away from BVB seems unlikely this summer especially to a club like Real. There is absolutely no reason why BVB would let Pulisic leave this summer so we probably can lay this rumor to rest even though it won’t be the last we’ll see this summer.

Several French outlets have linked Julian Weigl to PSG. This is an easy connection to make because of Thomas Tuchel and it could happen depending on how much Favre values Weigl. The rumors popped up mostly after BVB was linked to Axel Witsel with most of them arguing that the Belgian would replace Weigl at BVB, however most German outlets like Ruhr Nachrichten have already claimed that BVB’s interest in Witsel has nothing to do with Weigl.