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Dortmund Confirms They Are In Negotiations to Sell Andre Schurrle

Atalanta v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Europa League Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

BVB’s record transfer seems to be on his way out. Two years after buying Andre Schurrle for 30 million Euros, Dortmund confirms he in in negotiations to leave the club.

Since his arrival to BVB, Schurrle has been a disappointment relative to his transfer fee. However he also hasn’t been given the best environment to succeed. When playing in a lineup with Gotze and Reus earlier this year he actually looked like his old self. It seems we’ll never get to see what Schurrle could do with a manager who could fit his needs

As for the team that’s rumored to buy him, there is only rumor. Earlier this week there were rumors we would include Schurrle in a deal for Wilfred Zaha of Crystal Palace. If this is the case then that is some top class business from Zorc & co. While Schurrle may have more in the tank, Zaha hasn’t had his struggles the past few years and is two years younger.

For now we don’t know where he is going. As is the norm with BVB business expect it to be announced during the week rather then the weekend.