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The Daily Bee (June 25th, 2018): Zorc comments on Morata and Diallo

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Chelsea v Huddersfield Town - Premier League

During an extensive interview with WAZ Zorc talked about Diallo, the current transfer market and Morata among other things.

Diallo could be Dortmund’s new centerback, the deal might even be finalized this week. Asked if Diallo would be Sokratis’ possible replacement Zorc commented “It’s leaning that way it’s true. But it’s not finalized just yet”.

On the current market Zorc is the next manager to bemoan the inflationary trend of the prices for players saying “Players that we bought for 5€ million just a few years ago now cost 25€ million. That development on the transfer market is definitely not healthy. We have partially profited from it with sales but it does not make our current situation easier”.

Ha also talked about the striker situation and Alvaro Morata’s name came up. However Zorc seemed reluctant saying “I would even say that now Morata is too expensive - without knowing any specific sums (laughs)”.

AC Milan’s midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura is being pursued by Borussia Dortmund according to calciomercato.The midfielder could be a solid addition for BVB but different reports in Italy claim he has already agreed in principle to extend his current deal with Milan. However recent turmoil surrounding the club could make him available, AC Milan is currently under investigation by UEFA and could face sanctions. If Milan is excluded from the Europa League and needs money a move away could be likely for Bonaventura.