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Abdou Diallo Transfer to Dortmund Nearly Complete

AS Monaco FC Training and Press Conference Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

This may be Dortmund’s biggest transfer of the season.

After weeks of rumors it seems Abdou Diallo is finally coming to Dortmund. Zorc and Mainz both confirmed that the Diallo deal is nearly done. Also sources say Farve had say in the transfer which is always a positive, especially with reports that in the past Zorc hasn’t considered the managers preferences for transfers.

The deal is for a reported 25 million euros. Diallo is a 22 year old center-back who only just came to Mainz last season. He has quickly proven to be a star and will do a lot to shore up Dortmund’s awful backline. Hopefully he will be paired with Akanji, who has proven to be Dortmuns best CB. If Farve could get that pair working together quickly then Dortmund may have the best defense they’ve had in years. Diallo is French and has played for the French Youth National Teams but has not received a call up to play for the main National Team yet.

How do you feel about the Diallo transfer?