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The Daily Bee (June 21st, 2018): Zorc confirms interest in Diallo

AFC Sunderland v Borussia Dortmund - Friendly Match Photo by Deniz Calagan/Getty Images
  • In today’s kicker-print was a substantial article about BVB and their transfer plans going forward with some statements from Michael Zorc, so let’s get through them:

No agreement with Diallo yet

Zorc confirmed that Dortmund is interested in signing Diallo, saying “It’s no secret that I find Diallo interesting”, but there is no agreement yet. Contrary to earlier reports Diallo was not in Dortmund on Tuesday but his agents were, however BVB will still have to negotiate with Mainz about the transfer fee. The centerback is said to cost around 25€ million.

Michy Batshuayi won’t be BVB’s striker

Borussia Dortmund still need a striker but according to the kicker-report Michy Batshuayi won’t be the target. However there is no mention as of why BVB won’t buy the Belgian international, it might be because BVB’s decision makers don’t think he’ll fit into the squad or because Chelsea’s demands are either to high or they simply don’t want to sell him.

BVB’s squad is to big

Dortmund want to reduce the number of players in the squad but might not be able to get it down to 26 players this summer. Some players will need to leave this summer or in January 2019.

One of those players could be Gonzalo Castro, Dortmund is already in advanced talks with VfB Stuttgart. Dortmund has too many midfielders, especially after the Delaney-transfer and it seems like Castro won’t get much playing time going forward.

According to Ruhr Nachrichten Borussia Dortmund were in talks with Hannes Wolf but those negotiations broke down. BVB wanted to hire their ex-youth coach as Favre’s assistant but the surprising move fell through because of different views about the “job description”.

  • Janni Serra joins Holstein Kiel

Dortmund’s striker Janni Serra has transferred to Holstein Kiel and will play in the 2.Bundesliga next season. Serra played the first half of the 2017/18 season for BVBII in the Regionalliga West before he joined VfL Bochum on loan in the 2.Bundesliga, now he’ll permanently move to Kiel.