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BVB Match Recap: BVB Lose Last Home Game of The Year 2-1 to Mainz

Real Madrid CF v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Despite not trying at all BVB probably have UCL football.

Dortmund lost their last home game of the season 2-1 today to near bottom of the table Mainz. With mainz scoring two goals in 15 minutes it was pretty much over as this team has lacked the courage to comeback all year.

In the first half Dortmund were awful. They played without any care or stability and were scored on twice in 15 minutes for it. Sokratis allowed the first goal after he yet again lost his man and gave up allowing us to go 1-0 down. Our lone goal came from a great pass from Jadon Sancho to Max Phillip. Sancho and Max give us hope for next season since it seems they were the only ones who tried at all that half.

The second half was not as bad a the first since we didn’t give up any goals. Still it was not good. Stogers idea of useful subs was putting Yarmolenko and Schurrle on, both of whom flubbed chance after chance. Both players have proved to be Immobile levels of mistakes for BVBs front office. We only had one shot on goal all half and it was Schmelzer heading it right to the keeper.

With his 5th yellow this was probably Sokratis last game for BVB. Although he was great in the past he was not able to put it together this year. This was Roman Weidnefellers last game in Dortmund. It was a shame we could not put him in.

With a large GD lead over Leverkusen we have a great chance at UCL next year. Hopefully next time BVB play in Dortmund, they have a manager that understands the game and players that aren’t 3.Liga quality.