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Dortmund Match Recap: Dortmund Embarrass Themselves, Still Make Champions League

Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

HA we were awful.

Dortmund lost 3-1 to Hoffenheim to end their season. Thanks to Leverkusen failing to catch us despite coming close, BVB still makes Champions League.

The game went about as bad as it it cold. We maintained almost no possession in the first half, and while we did have some promising counter attacks, Schurrle shamefully whiffed them. Hoffenheims first goal came from a Roman Burki assist as he gently handed the ball over to them after being slightly pressured and gave up a hilarious goal. The first half managed to only end 1-0.

The second half was even worse for BVB. Despite Marco Reus getting a crucial goal in the 54th minute, we then gave up two more quickly to take us to the brink of Europa. Burki and the defense totally whiffed both goals. The team didn’t show too much fight the rest of the game but Leverkusen managed to not catch large GD lead we had so it all didn’t matter too much.

Ill keep this recap short, that game was not a pleasant or enlightening experience for anyone. Now that its over we should all take a step back. Dortmund have the tools necessary to reload this summer. We have UCL football and new people in the FO to make things run smoother. Hopefully a new manager won’t be named Peter. Bad players will hopefully be sipped and we will make more insane moved for cheap youngsters that will probably become stars.

Thanks for following FTW this season everyone. We will have our season recap content churning out soon as well as transfer look ahead. Also we have a World Cup this summer so expect some previews and match threads for that goodness.

Have a nice weekened everybody.