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The Daily Bee(May 11th, 2018): The Games That Matter on Matchday 34

Liverpool FC v 1899 Hoffenheim - UEFA Champions League Qualifying Play-Offs Round: Second Leg Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images
  • Last Matchday is upon us

The last matchday of the 2017-2018 Bundesliga season is tomorrow. With it there are a few interesting stories. First there is still a race for Top 4. If Hoffenheim beat us they are in providing they can pass either us or Bayer in GD. If Dortmund grab any point or can keep our goal difference lead above either Hoffenheim or Bayer we are in. If Bayer can at least tie Hoffenheims result and pass them or us in GD they are in.

For Europa League Leipzig, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Monchengladbach are all in the running. If Leipzig or Frankfurt win, they are in. If Eintracht can beat either result they are in. If Mochengladbach can beat at least 2 of those above them’s result and pass on GD they are in.

For relegation Koln is already screwed, and Wolfsburg and Hamburg are all but guaranteed to be in the two other spots. But being in 17th is guaranteed relegation while 16th is a spot in the relegation playoff against Kiel. Wolfsburg are in control of their own fate with a tie giving them a >99% chance of 16th.