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The Daily Bee (May 10th, 2018): Shinji Kagawa and Raphael Guerriro Fit for Hoffenheim Match

Borussia Dortmund v Tottenham Hotspur - UEFA Champions League Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
  • No CBs but more Midfielders

In his press conference today Peter Stoger said that Shinji Kagawa and Raphael Guerriro would be fit to play for our last game against Hoffenheim. While it is great to have two crucial midfielders back, it is the defense we need to be worried about. With Sokratis suspended and Toprak in doubt, Zagadou and Akanji are our only options. While Akanji may actually prove to be our best current CB, Zagadou hasn’t seen much play in the past two months. Hopefully the Frenchman can live up to the challenge. Kagawa and Raph should both be considered for the lineup, especially Raph who can serve as a fullback when needed. In a game where our defense will be key, it probably will be needed.

  • Isak Disappointed

Another interesting comment from Stoger during his final presser is on Alexander Isak. Isak was supposed to be our back up forward this year but even in Bats absence has not seen time. Stoger said he thinks Isak probably doesn’t see his season too positively. While we can only guess at why Isak was frozen out by two managers, this is not a great start for the young Swedish forward.

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