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The Daily Bee(May 1st 2018): Away Kit Design Supposedly Leaked

  • Behold what could be our next away kit

While leaks from Footyheadlines aren’t always reliable, this kit does look pretty great. With the leaked home jerseys looking mostly meh these away jerseys may just be the right move for next season. BVB rarely plays in their away jerseys, which is a shame because their away jerseys usually look so good. The weird top of the jersey is a risky move but it actually is pulled off quite well in this bloggers humble opinion. As always we’ll have to see how it really looks on the players first.

  • Klopp and Buvac fall out

Dortmunds Klopp years were some of its best and most exciting. A lot of our exciting tactics came from the mind of Klopps assistant Zeljko Buvac. This duo has gone from winning the Bundesliga to competing in the Premier league but now it seems their time together may be at an end. Reports are that Buvac and Klopp have fallen out and Buvac has left the club. This could be a big blow for Klopp as Buvac has always brought the manager a keen tactical opinion when needed. As for rumors that Buvac may be coming back to BVB, it seems highly unlikely.

Daily Buzz: So what do you think of the leaked away kit?