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The Daily Bee (April 30th, 2018): Dortmund Teammates Impressed with Sancho

Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images
  • Sancho continues to impress

In post game interviews over thew weekend Weigl complemented Sancho saying “I also think that Jadon Sancho’s carefree attitude helps us quite a bit because he doesn’t worry but just plays football. We should keep that going.” That’s a pretty funny statement seeing how he English press would probably shred a player for being “carefree” but that shows just how different Germans think about football. Weigl also talked about how BVB has been set up so offensively recently which has made it tough to stop goals. He clearly struggled a bit over the weekend being marked well by Werder while also being overwhelmed down the middle defensively.

  • UCL Close

There are two games left and we are 4 points clear of Bayer. So a Tie and a Win guarantee us top 4 in our last two games against Mainz and Hofenheim. Hoffenheim are also right behind us in the table so a win against them would all but guarantee us 3rd place. BVB look like they have finally woke up and are playing the football we expect of them. Our rousing win against Bayer was a testament to what these players can do. While a tie against Werder was disappointing we did get unlucky with chances. Two more games then this nightmare season can end, hopefully on a positive note.

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