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BVB Match Recap: Dortmund Chances Nulled by Post and Pavelenak

AFC Sunderland  v Borussia Dortmund  - Friendly Match Photo by Deniz Calagan/Getty Images

Curse the post!

BVB and Werder Bremen tied today 1-1. BVB’s lone goal came from Marco Reus in the 20th minute. Werder has been fantastic at home this year and they were no different today with both an offensive and defensive effort that is to be commended.

In the first half the sides were very even.. Werder has been a fantastic home side this year and showed it right out of the gates. They dominated the game for the first 15 minutes, giving BVB no room to play. However BVB started to get their foot in the door after 15’ and at the 20’ mark Reus scored a rocket of a goal. The goal came off a deflection from a Phillip shot and the whole sequence was started by a genius Piszczek run and pass. After that both sides settled and each got their fair share of chances, notably a Reus 1v1 created by Gotze that the captain couldn’t put on target. Things got rough for BVB toward the end of the half as Werder put on the pressure from 38’ on resulting in a goal just as the half ended to tie things up. The goal was poorly handled from Toprak and Sokratis. Sokratis especially, since stopped chasing the ball leading to the perfect opportunity for Thomas Delaney to get an easy finish over Burki.

The second half was back and forth the whole time. Werder and BVB both had chances that were inches from going in. Reus and Sancho both hit the crossbar in the second. The Werder goalkeeper Pavelenak kept them in the game with a masterclass showing. If he wasn’t playing at a top level today BVB would have easily conquered Wereder. The game ended with much excitement as BVB went for multiple chances and put lots of pressure on Werder but it was all for naught.

Despite his goal Marco Reus was very unlucky today. He had plenty of chances and it would not have been surprising for him to finish this one with hat trick had Werder’s GK not played so well. Stoger’s subs were very bad as he subbed Schurrle for Pulisic and Yarmolenko for Phillip. Kagawa should have been given a nod before either of them since he was healthy. Anyways, thanks to Bayer and Leipzig losing this one points still puts distance between BVB and their competition for UCL.