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Match Recap: Everything Goes Wrong for BVB in Derby

Arsenal FC v 1. FC Koeln - UEFA Europa League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Well that sucked.

BVB lost 2-0 away to rivals Schalke on Sunday wasting their chance to take second on the table. Overall BVB actually didn’t look terrible until the goals came. When they went down it was over for them mentally. The subs were Schurrle,Sancho and Gotsze. Batshuayi came off injured.

The first half was an exciting affair as it was back and forth between BVB and Schalke. While Schalke had the better chances, Dortmund still looked dangerous, especially Pulisic who made a few good runs in the half. Burki was the savior for BVB in the first half when he saved a cracking shot from outside the box.

The second half is where the game got rough. Schurrle was subbed in at the half for Max, who wasn’t even playing poorly. The first Schalke goal came from our Marcel, Sokrats and Sahin all giving up. Schmelzer let himself get pressed and lost the ball at the halfway line, then Sokratis and Sahin gave up on their defensive cover and let Schalke waltz by them and score. It was a goal emblematic of the problems Dortmund has suffered this year. After Schalke went up Dortmund had a good string of almost chances and passing but it was all for naught, Naldo sealed the game with a free kick goal. Really this game came down to Naldo who was clearly MOTM. He cleared most Dortmund chances and put the game away.

Stoger’s sub choices this game were maddening. Shurrle should never have seen the field. His contributions to the game were kicking a corner kick out of play and tripping over the ball when he was given a clear shot at goal. Sancho replaced Dahoud who was mostly playing well. Sancho did not do much either but the game was dead soon after he came on. Finally Stoget took off Schmelzer for Gotze. Schmelzer was awful this game and is a big reason Dortmund have struggled this year. The fact Stoger took him out in garbage time for Gotze doesn’t mean much.

To end the game Batshuayi rolled his ankle and was taken off in a stretcher. Not the best way to end a derby.

So what are your thoughts on the derby? What would you have done differently if you were the manager? As always keep it civil.