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The Daily Bee (March 8th, 2018): BVB show interest in Salzburg player

Senegal v Mali: Third Place Play-off - FIFA U-20 World Cup New Zealand 2015 Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images

According to the report from ESPNFC Borussia Dortmund are showing interest in Salzburg’s 22-year-old midfielder Diadie Samassekou. His contract is ending in 2019 but Salzburg have an option to extend for an additional year, however if they decide to sell him their asking price is in the 15€ million range.

BVB host Salzburg today in the Europa League and will play the second leg in Austria next Thursday which will give them a chance to see the Mali international up close. Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig are also interested which will make this a bit more complicated considering the Red Bull ties between Leipzig and Salzburg.

Emre Can, the 24-year-old midfielder from Liverpool has halted all contract talks and will only focus on football until the end of the season. The German international has been loosely linked to BVB although Juventus seem like a more likely landing spot for him.

The alliance “Südtribüne Dortmund” have requested BVB fans to boycott the away game at Salzburg because of their ties to Red Bull and Leipzig. Official statement from the alliance: “Even if the games without our presence seem to multiply in recent weeks, this decision is necessary for us. The reasons remain the same: We can’t and won’t accept clubs like Salzburg and Leipzig, who trample on the values that football should, and in our opinion still does, stand for”.

Instead the fans are asked to donate 10€ for Austria Salzburg, a club that was formed in protest when Red Bull took over Salzburg.

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