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Der Massiker

At least it’s over now.

I need to begin this by saying that I honestly didn’t expect anything different from this match. Borussia Dortmund is in shambles right now, and Bayern Munich is looking great under veteran manager Jupp Heynckes.

Also, credit goes to my friend Juan who thought of the name for this article.

First Half

A clearly offside Robert Lewandowski scored the first goal of the match, but VAR was either not able to make a change or they didn’t see Lewandowski offside. Either way, an unjust goal scored on Dortmund within the first 5 minutes.

Not very long after, it seemed Bayern was up 2-0, but Ribéry was ruled just offside. Unfortunately it would be James Rodríguez who would set up a nice one-two pass with David Alaba to put the Colombian on the scoresheet. Now it was 2-0.

In the 23rd minute Gonzalo Castro tried dribbling through the midfield and pretty easily lost the ball, setting up a perfect attack from Bayern Munich that reminded me of Real Madrid’s BBC attacking trio of 2014. Müller got the final touch and the game was now 3-0.

Minutes before the end of the half, Ribéry dribbled his way through the left flank until he was right in front of goal, and there was a chaotic tussle from all sides until it seemed Lewandowski forced the ball over the line. Bayern was now up 4-0.

It wouldn’t end there, and Ribéry finally put his name on the scoresheet. A simple quick run exposed a giant hole in Dortmund’s backline, and he finished with a rather insulting chip over Roman Bürki. 5-0 going into the half.

Second Half

It wouldn’t be until the 87th minute until Bayern Munich scored the final goal of the match. Joshua Kimmich took the ball on the right flank and whipped it in for Lewandowski to tap into the goal and earn his hat trick. The game would end 6-0.

Borussia Dortmund were poor in nearly every respect, and looked more and more dejected with every goal scored, but only had themselves to blame. I hope this is a wake up call to not only Watzke and Co., but also to the squad and training staff that Dortmund is not in a good place right now, and much work needs to be done over the summer to fix this club.

Have a good day, try not to be too down or angry, and enjoy this entry to Top 10 Pictures Taken Seconds Before Disaster.