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Matthias Sammer to be hired as an outside consultant

Watzke brings on a familiar face.

Dortmund v Stuttagrt Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

In the midst of a bleak season where Borussia Dortmund’s leaders have shown once again to possess major flaws, perhaps there is a little bit of hope. According to sources in Germany, former manager Matthias Sammer is being brought on as an external consultant for the club.

Sammer was in the legendary Borussia Dortmund squad that won the Champions League in 1997 as well as two Bundesliga titles. In 2000, he became the Dortmund manager and won the Bundesliga title in 2002. He was sacked in 2004, and between now and then has experienced jobs for both VfB Stuttgart and Bayern Munich.

It seems that the BVB CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has been attempting to bring Sammer on board for some time and is quoted as saying this:

“We need someone like Matthias Sammer, his ability to analyze, his passion, his identification, his clear view from the outside.”

Things have not been going well in the Dortmund camp, so a new perspective might be exactly what the club needs right now. Matthias Sammer is just one possibility. There are others who could have a role to play in helping Borussia Dortmund return to its former glory.

As you can see, more former Dortmund players are looking to get involved with the club. Lars Ricken is in charge of the Youth Talent Center, and Sebastian Kehl obtained a degree in sports management last year.

Both now and in the past, we have seen a constant gap between the players and upper management in the club. Lack of communication between the different parties and even amongst those at the same level has caused several problems. Perhaps former players like Ricken and Kehl, who know the members of the squad more personally will be able to work well with them.