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The Daily Bee (March 15th, 2018): March Sadness

Nick Gifford Downs Stable Feature Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images
  • Ugh

In case you missed it, we were eliminated from the Europa league by Leipzig’s B team. This stinks. Stoger has turned out to be an awful pickup from Watzke. While we haven’t lost a league game, we are playing football that it’s unlike anything BVB has played in a decade. We are boring, tired and sad.

The next stretch of the season is going to be tough for BVB. Within our next four fixtures we have both Bayern and Schalke away. It will be critical from now on for Dortmund to earn full home points if they want to remain a lock for top 4. If not we could find ourselves back in Europa playing the B teams of our rivals.

  • Depressing Darmstadt

After playing some astute defense in the Bundesliga for two years, Darmstadt have not had a good time in the 2. Bundesliga. Darmstadt currently are in the relegation places in the second league and if they don’t take some points soon they will find them selves in 2.Liga action. Sad to see a club that was asuch a great story fall apart. That’s just the business.

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