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The Daily Bee (March 12th, 2018): Reus comments on extension

Borussia Dortmund - Media Day Making Of Photo by Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images for DFL
  • BVB surpasses HSV in all-time table

With Dortmund’s late win against Eintracht Frankfurt yesterday the black and yellows were able to surpass Hamburg in the all-time Bundesliga table and are now sitting in third place with 2720 points in 51 seasons. The second place team Werder Bremen (2756 p., 54 s.) is not that far away, if both clubs continue like they did in recent years, Dortmund could realistically surpass Bremen in a couple seasons. Bayern Munich is still in first place (3591 p., 53 s.) and will keep that spot for the foreseeable future.

In an interview with kicker Marco Reus has explained his motives for extending his contract with Dortmund. Apart from his obvious love and loyalty for the club he talked about finally having clarity about his future, saying: “Before the important final stage of the season and the upcoming World Cup, I wanted to have clarity and peace.” He also hopes that his extension is seen as a “sign” for his teammates and the club, “I wanted to show the club and my teammates that something can develop here. I hope that it’s a sign and we can finish in the Champions League rankings (top 4). We have to continuously improve, then I’m looking positively into the future.”

Another rather funny comment from Reus came after the game yesterday when he was asked about the performance being an improvement over the Salzburg game.

“In the first half, yes”, said Reus.

“And in the second?”

“Then it was shit.”

Daily Buzz: Rumors about a possible Sokratis-exit this summer persist with a move to Manchester United being the latest rumor (even though it was the Mirror). Sokratis hasn’t been great this season and an argument could be made that Akanji/Toprak is the best CB-duo going forward. With Zagadou also showing promise, does Dortmund actually need Sokratis?