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Report: BVB not in the Running for Nagelsmann

1899 Hoffenheim Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Sportbild released a report earlier in the week that TSG Hoffenheim Manager Julian Nagelsmann could look to go international following his time in Hoffenheim.

Nagelsmann is an ambitious man. He has stated that he wants to compete for the Champions League Title one day, and that, as long as he is at Hoffenheim, he will never be able to accomplish this goal. However, according to the article the two clubs where he could conceivably win the Champions League in the near term- Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund- are not hiring: Bayern are happy with Jupp Heynckes in the short-term, and BVB are reportedly interested in extending Peter Stöger (we’ll have more on that later).

As a result, with a €10 million release clause and the summer of 2019 rapidly approaching, the young Nagelsmann could be looking to take his talents elsewhere. A tweet by Deutsche Welle referenced Inter, Swansea City, Ajax, and Valencia as possible destinations for Nagelsmann:

Except for maybe Inter, none of those clubs represent any tangible improvement over Hoffenheim, at least in terms of Champions League play. However, there are other clubs that are rumored to be interested in hiring Nagelsmann. The English Press as a whole recently reported that Arsenal might be keen on replacing Wenger, and Nagelsmann could be a possible candidate. There’s also always the possibility that Jupp Heynckes turns down an offer from Bayern, in which case Nagelsmann might as well sign up now.

This will undoubtedly be a disappointment to many BVB fans (including myself), who are desperately in want of a new manager with higher aspirations than those currently at the club.