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The Daily Bee (February 21st, 2018): Marcel Schmelzer ready for Atalanta

Borussia Dortmund Pre-game Training & Press Conference Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
  • Injury update

Borussia Dortmund continues to have injury problems with Durm, Rode, Guerreiro, Sancho, Kagawa, Philipp and Yarmolenko still out. However Marcel Schmelzer confirmed that he is ready to play again and might get back into the action on Thursday against Atalanta. The situation at the winger position could also improve over the next few weeks, Jadon Sancho confirmed that he’ll be back in two weeks while Maxi Philipp is back in training and could be back soon.

Olivier Giroud has opened up about the offer he received from BVB and his decision to join Chelsea. The striker admitted (a bit surprisingly) that BVB’s offer was “from a financial perspective, the most interesting one” but he ultimately decided against it because it would only have been a loan and not a transfer. Considering how Batshuayi has turned out I don’t think any BVB-fan will complain missing out on Giroud.

  • Champions League

Helped by an early red card to Besiktas-defender Vida, Bayern had no trouble winning their duels with the Turkish club and are now all but guaranteed a place in the quarterfinals. The duel between Chelsea and Barcelona was, as expected, a lot closer. In the end Messi’s first goal at Stamford Bridge got Barca a very good result for the second leg. Tonight Sevilla will host Manchester United and AS Roma travels to Donezk.

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