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The Daily Bee (February 12th, 2018): Trapp comments on BVB-rumors

Paris Saint Germain v Dijon FCO - Ligue 1 Photo by Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images
  • Watzke interview

Well this interview (especially the comments about Stöger) seems to have caused some turmoil among BVB-fans. However Watzke’s comments don’t really seem that dramatic given the circumstances. He was asked if Stöger has a chance to stay at BVB and just said if he doesn’t lose another game they’d be dumb not to keep him. Watzke was put on the spot and gave the best “non-answer” you can give in that moment. Julian Nagelsmann should still be considered the front-runner for the job no matter what Watzke says.

  • Trapp comments on BVB-rumors

Kevin Trapp has been rumored as a possible competitor for Kevin Trapp for some time now. The goalkeeper from PSG has now commented on the rumors in an interview with Bild saying “A lot is possible. I’m from Germany,” adding “Of course the Bundesliga is interesting for me. Dortmund is a big club.”

While this sounds promising, Dortmund have just recently extended Bürki’s contract which might indicate they plan with him as the starting keeper even though rumors still keep popping up.

  • DFB Cup semifinals

The draw gave us two interesting duels in the Cup semifinals. Bayern have to travel to Leverkusen (yes they actually have an away game for once, shocking I know), which is a tricky game for Bayern. In the second semifinal Schalke will host Frankfurt, Eintracht will look to get to their second consecutive final.

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